The concept of divinity differs from culture to culture, and from religion to religion. There are even discrepancies between members of the same members of a religious community. But one thing is true: everyone has a concept of divinity.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe in God or not, but you always believe in higher power or force, whether it is a god or the laws of physics, there’s something or someone that dictates how to live your life.  And that is what I call Divinity.

To me, Divinity is a person. Yes, a person.  A man.  A man who sits in front of a desk.  A man that has a family.  A man that has a life of his own.  A man who works hard to bring happiness to all his children. A man that is able to communicate with all his children.  A man whom I call my Father.

My Father has a very unique set of characteristics, and billions of people in this world definitely agree with me that he is kind, and loving, and just.  But he is more to me than just that.  He is my Father, and I can turn to him in any situation.  He is there whenever I feel bad or alone.  He is there when I am in problems.  He is there whenever I am happy.  He is always there.  And he loves me and supports me in my daily life.  And I know this from the personal relationship I have with him.

So, how do I know my Father exists?  Well, it takes a little faith – and faith conveys actions.  Two actions in particular allow me to know that my Father is real: prayer and blessings.

Prayer is the communication I have with my Father.  I speak to him.  I ponder.  I meditate.  I think about the things I am thankful for.  I tell him about the dilemmas in my life.  I trust him with my problems.  And he listens.  Indeed.  You know, sometimes you think you are crazy because you are talking to yourself.  But prayer is different.  When prayer is sincere, you can feel someone is listening.  And that’s what I love about praying, that my Father is listening.  And I know he will answer.  And he will do it wisely.  I trust him because he is a man, just like me.  And I am a man just like him.  He has lived a life like mine.  He has made the same mistakes as I have.  He understands what I feel because he has felt it before.  So I know that, whatever he says, he knows it’s good for sure.

Blessings are the direct consecuences of doing what my Father has told me it’s convenient for me to do.  I will definitely elaborate on what I think of blessings, but my Father is the one who makes them happen.

So, Divinity is very important for me.  I hardly ever share my beliefs about it with people. That means this is only the icing of the cake.  I rather not elaborate more on it.  But I wanted to share a little bit, just becuase I want you to know a little bit about me.  Until next time, I am JJ Alvarado.


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